Books you should read

Books you should read if you like mobile casinos

The game, one of the best known distraction methods throughout the world thanks to its recreational power in customers who attend these establishments daily to try their luck and try to get a prize that provides a great economic contribution to their life, in fact One of the big questions we ask on Google is how are the 2019 casino promotional codes used? since we can also enjoy these games from the computer. Many have managed to get a reward that has changed their status and some of these have expressed their experience in written works to help other participants in this activity achieve the same result. 

Top of books with mobile games theme

Many books describe the casinos and their way of playing, however, there are others that impart useful knowledge for the best development in this mode of recreation. They promote tips to improve the game of newbies and even veterans who have this hobby and want to continue. 

Beat the roulette of Mario Sebastián Teresano

Among the most outstanding books are: Beat Roulette, authored by Mario Sebastián Teresano, this explains the characteristics of the roulette wheels of casinos and some methods and effective systems adaptable according to the strategy used to obtain a good result of this game. It is a work recommended to those roulette fans who wish to become professionals in the game of this. 

Win mobile poker again “David Sklansky”

Another interesting work is Winning poker “again” by David Sklansky, a book that explains in depth everything related to this game in addition to recounting the importance of each hand and the strategies or plans to be used in each play. All content is highly verified by its author due to the great experience he has as one of the greatest experts in this game. 

How to play mobile craps by Kevin Gerard

Next on the list is the book by Kevin Gerard-How to play craps, in this story Gerard comments from a first-person perspective on the qualities of this game and how to predict the outcome of the roll and explores all the options to emerge victorious from One of the games, but the most difficult in casinos.  

The Pelayos of Iván and Gonzalo García Pelayo

Finally we find: The fabulous story of Los Pelayos de Iván and Gonzalo García Pelayo, this story has its own film and focuses on the life of this family, which got a large sum of money in the game of roulette with a legal method that consisted in the study of the existing decisions in this Their constant victories in the casinos of Spain and throughout the European continent prevented them from entering other gambling venues due to the owners’ refusal. 

These are some of the best books to acquire great knowledge of the most popular games of chance in the world and thus become a casino professional.

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