The two best books on casino techniques and tricks

The two best books on mobile casino techniques and tricks

The casino world has been the protagonist of numerous films, but also of a remarkable amount of interesting books.

Some with reference to the vocation of manual, to show us strategies and tricks so that we win and form dexterity. Thus, our bets on mobile roulette or blackjack will be much more successful. But there are also more enjoyable readings that tell us the stories and anecdotes of famous players who throughout their lives, have grown professionally in tricks and techniques when entering a Casino.

If you want to start in the world of betting and roulette or simply perfect your techniques or tricks, this book will enchant you:

Gambling 102

The Best Strategies for All Mobile Casino Games, ( Michael Shackleford ) It is a clear and very simple guide to the casino universe, it focuses on its games and the best strategies to win much more with much less effort. This book is quite useful for any fan of this risky world and extremely suitable for those curious of the bets that are starting and do not want to go into much detail.

This book contains 19 chapters that focus on the various typical games in a casino, but its great value is that it offers successful and proven strategies for all casino games. In terms that are extremely easy to understand and in turn implement.

It offers you all the chances of winning to get into the basic strategies, answering your most frequent and specific questions, such as: When should you go up in Three Card Poker? How do I choose the best blackjack game? Etc. It is the right book for those players who faithfully believe in mathematical analysis.

The best thing is that you can find this book both in electronic and physical format, through Amazon at an affordable price.

Winning at roulette, ( Mario Sebastian Teresano ) Teresano as much as you and me, did not know anything about roulette until he enters a casino for the first time. He noticed notably the players who were sitting around him, placing bets that almost always lost, pitifully and tried to apply supposedly miraculous methods to his risky game. He studied these methods for a long time, thus concluding that they were not, by any means, totally infallible. With the fresh knowledge learned during his study, Teresano published “Win in Roulette”, thus becoming immediately one of the most important readings, in turn forced for those who want to make good profits in this game.

This book – online course

This book is like an online course to learn how to optimize and strengthen the system you are going to use, that is, you can improve the results by adapting your game strategy. It is a complete, simple and easy to learn course.

It is important to know that these are considered by many experts in the game, as two of the best books on casino tricks and techniques.

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