When you look at the casino games and the most popular slot machines in Spain at first glance it seems that designers simply strived to offer good quality graphics and sound with the greatest number of features such as: bonus games, free spins, joker, scatter, different pay lines, progressive jackpot, etc. It is also important that online slots are available on iPhone, iPad and mobile devices . However, users who want to get the most out of their online games and bets are fixed on one piece of information: the RTP.

RTP can be applied to many casino games, but we are going to explain this percentage by taking online slots as an example . If you like slot machines and still don’t know what a slot machine’s RTP is, you may have been choosing slots that do not specifically meet your profit expectations. It is true that the theme or a good design is very important in a slot machine, but it is equally important to know what the RTP of a slot is to obtain the highest possible profits.

The RTP stands for the Anglo-Saxon term “Return to Player”. This concept that in Spanish we can translate by “Return to Player” indicates the percentage of money that specific slot returns to players. In other words, each online slot has a unique and exclusive RTP that is usually above 90%.

Let’s give an example, without a slot machine it indicates that it has an RTP of 95%, that means that of every 100 euros that are wagered on that slot machine, 95 euros will be returned to the players in the form of winnings and the remaining 5 euros will be casino operator profit.

Keep in mind that the RTP of a casino game is measured in a general way and not by sessions. Following the previous example this means that if in a game session the user bets 100 euros on those slots with a 95% RTP, the game will not be required to return 95 euros in prizes; This amount may be higher or lower depending on chance. That figure is measured in a general way and not by individual sessions.

The best online casinos in Spain (those approved by the Directorate General for Game Management ) must include the RTP of each of their games in an informative button or a specific section. Depending on the transparency of each operator, in addition to the percentage of the RTP you can also indicate the date on which the RTP was evaluated, which agency was responsible for this evaluation and on which maximum and minimum bets the report was developed.

This is because the Order HAP / 1370/2014, of July 25, which approves the basic regulation of the game of chance machines that complements Law 13/2011, of May 27, specifies that each game must show in mathematical terms the real percentage of prize rewards according to the amounts played in the games during each of the previous 6 months. That is, if this information is not offered on the website of a legal online casino in Spain next to the game or in a specific section, the corresponding claim can be placed before the General Directorate of Game Management to take the necessary measures.

This is done so that players have real and useful information about each game and can make a better selection based on the prizes returned to users.


Online casinos in Spain must necessarily pass two types of audits and one of them is that of the RTP (the other is that of the RNG). Obviously and to avoid suspicion this audit is carried out by an independent institution that has no relationship with the casino operator.

In our country, two of the organizations that are in charge of these RTP audits are eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) and GA (Gaming Associates). Both are organizations with a great international reputation and meet the requirements of fair play and standards required by the Directorate General for Game Management.


When online casinos began to proliferate in the 90s, with the emergence of so many web pages dedicated to iGaming among players, doubts arose about the transparency and impartiality of their casino games. To avoid any suspicion, this led to the 2002 Microgaming and 888 Casino pooling their resources to launch an independent institution that could guarantee the honesty of casino games; and thus was born eCOGRA.

Online casinos that rely on eCOGRA receive a certificate that guarantees that the RTP of their casino games comply with the ethics of this sector to offer a positive experience to their users. This certificate is achieved through periodic evaluations of their casino games that also improve the standards and security of the games. If your trusted online casino has the eCOGRA seal on its website, you can be sure that its casino games have passed a strict security control with periodic audits carried out by an independent third party (such as Trisigma Q3, BMM TestLabs or GLI). In addition, this institution also serves as a mediator to resolve conflicts between players and casino operators.

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