Many Spanish players indicate that in order to succeed in casino games you need an adequate combination of knowledge of the rules, appropriate selection of the strategy and, of course, luck. But as luck does not depend on us, in this article we will focus on a term that will help you better select your casino games according to your needs and expectations: volatility. Volatility (also known as variance or dispersion) refers to the implicit risk that exists when playing in a particular casino game. This term is not usually related to board games in which the result can depend on many factors (such as the strategy of each player), but is used more often with automatic games such as online slots.

The volatility of a slot machine indicates the odds that the slot machine has to offer prizes, what kind of prizes can be expected and how often they can be received. Thus, there is talk of low volatility, medium volatility and high volatility.

Knowing the volatility of a slot is important because with this data players can select the games that best meet their expectations. For example, if a player prefers to get bigger prizes he will have to select a slot with high volatility; but if you prefer to get smaller prizes but more frequently, then the low volatility slots will be more suitable. The high, medium or low volatility also have their disadvantages and disadvantages, and then we will explain each one of them so that you can make an appropriate selection.

What Are High Volatility Slots?

When talking about high volatility, we mean slot machines where there is quite a difference between maximum and minimum earnings. If you remember this trick, you will know when a slot has high volatility: the larger the jackpots are offered, the greater its volatility. Keep in mind that casino operators usually promote slots with prizes of thousands of euros (or millions) as they are a great attraction for both new players and more experienced players.

All these jackpot slots are high volatility slots since they offer great prizes but infrequently. For example, every year a high volatility slot with a millionaire jackpot can offer this type of prize five to ten times according to the casino operator and the software provider.

What does this mean? That this type of slot show a lower rate of gain to the players because they do not offer small or medium prizes as often as the slots of medium or low volatility. Another factor to take into account with high-volatility online slots is that they usually have a high RTP (return percentage). But the trick is that this return of prizes is not done very often but is compensated with those sporadic jackpots it offers. That is, in a single turn you can comply with the RTP that indicates the automatic game.

Expert players often comment that these types of slots are more suitable for users with a lot of patience who do not mind investing a good number of coins before making a big profit. It is true that these types of slots also offer smaller prizes, but the winning combination that is sought is that of the jackpot.

Keep in mind that in the slots or other casino games with high volatility the strategy is not based on obtaining small short-term prizes but on receiving a long-term grand prize without achieving significant gains until that grand prize.

Why Is It Better To Play Casino Games Or High Volatility Slots?

If you are a type of player who likes strong emotions, then high volatility slots are ideal for you. These slots usually include free spins with multipliers, large jackpots or boats and wild cards in cascade. In addition, as the prizes are so great, thousands of dollars and even millions of euros can be obtained for a single currency. Sounds good, right? But this is not all, because there are also slots of high volatility with progressive jackpot in which the prizes are greater since with each spin the jackpot is increasing.

Now, if you consider yourself an impatient person and what you really like is to receive awards on a frequent basis even if they are not very large, then high-volatility online slots will be boring because you can spend a lot of time without receiving any awards (or very small) while your coins evaporate.

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