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Do you miss the classic Windows games? Don’t worry, you can play them on your mobile

The ‘Hearts’, the ‘Minesweeper’ and the ‘Solitaire’, the classic Windows games, available to your mobile.

If you are from the generation that grew up with a Windows 95, surely this will bring you very good memories.

The mobile versions of the classic Windows games.The mobile versions of the classic Windows games.

If you had a Windows 95 or a Windows XP you will remember those long hours looking for mines or playing Solitaire . The new systems left behind those minigames and, in addition, with the arrival of the Windows store , some teams do not even keep chess (which was the last to disappear). For those nostalgic, there is a solution: play them on mobile .

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

With this collection you can enjoy the mythical games with which before everyone had internet connection , young people and adults spent their hours in front of the computer .

The Solitaire, the Spider and the Pyramid are some of these addictive hobbies that you can now relive on your mobile, whether you have iOS or Android.


The classic Windows game, ‘Minesweeper’.The classic Windows game, ‘Minesweeper’.

If you didn’t know how to play Solitaire , this was your second great entertainment option: the Minesweeper . Easy, fast and extremely fun . If you have played this game on your XP team, you will have spent the most tense moments of your life, deciding which box to uncover and which not and crossing your fingers so that there was no bomb behind that made you lose the game.

Now you can remember those sensations on your iOS or Android mobile , with its versions almost traced to the original Minesweeper .


Another classic card game with which you could spend entire evenings in front of the computer screen was the Hearts . In this game you have to get rid of all the stick of hearts in the deck and the queen of spades (which add points). The game loses who before reaches the established number of points and wins who has less.

There are many versions of this classic Windows for iOS and Android , choose the one you like and soak up nostalgia.


‘Mahjong’, classic board game that you could play in Windows.’Mahjong’, classic board game that you could play in Windows.

This classic Chinese original board game came to our computers to conquer us. It consists of combining identical pairs and getting rid of the chips until there are none left. The rules are simple and the gameplay is addictive, a mixture that made us spend a lot of free time hooked on the Mahjong.

Now you can go back to vitiate yourself with one of the multiple versions of this game that are available on iOS and Android.


The ‘Chess’ the classic board game.The ‘Chess’ the classic board game.

Finally, another classic (which has also been renewed over the years), the last survivor , before the arrival of Windows 8, at which time the mini-games in the system itself, Chess , disappeared completely .

With this version you can remember the first boards, with silhouettes as pieces . The rules are the same as always, ending the king of the opponent. You can do it with these versions for Android and iOS .

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