Fortnite 2 Winterfest

Fortnite Winter Festival Chapter 2: how to complete all the challenges

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Search for Christmas socks at the Fortnite Winter Festival Cabin.

We help you complete all the challenges of the Winter Festival in Fortnite chapter 2 , some challenges that come during Christmas and that you will be able to enjoy to get a multitude of rewards.

Christmas comes to Fortnite with the challenges of Winter Festival, a new cast of challenges that you will be able to enjoy during all these parties and that will invite you to perform dances, look for socks, make eliminations, hide in snowmen, look for Chests ammo boxes and many other surprises.

So if you want to complete all the challenges of the Winter Festival missions , keep reading below, because you will have the solution to each of them, so you can enjoy Fortnite during this Christmas without getting stuck in any of the challenges.

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Fortnite Winter Festival Chapter 2: how to complete all the challenges

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays Fortnite has just released the challenges called Winter Festival and that similar to what happened last year, are a series of challenges that will be unlocked throughout these days.

If you stayed a little cold with the Additional Objectives of the other day, now you have a lot more fun challenges in the form of the Winter Festival missions. We will update the list of challenges, as we unlock them. Remember that it is a challenge a day, and that you must visit the Inn and take an object from the sock to activate a challenge, only one per day. We will update the list of challenges of the Winter Festival challenges in Fortnite as we unlock them 

Search a Christmas sock in the Winter Festival cabin

Go to the new option that has been activated in the top menu, which takes you to the Inn. Inside, approach the fireplace and open one of the gifts of the sock. As simple as that to activate phase 2.

Phase 2: Deal damage to enemies with the snowball launcher

This is one of the new weapons added after the Christmas update. Get her, and cause damage to opponents. As always, you will find it much easier in Team Fight mode.

Fan a fire (activates looking for the same sock from the previous challenge)

After opening the same old sock, we will unlock the challenge of fanning a fire . One of the novelties with the arrival of chapter 2 to Fortnite is that we can fan the fires.

Unlike the previous seasons where we could simply light a fire and take advantage of it until it went out, we now have the possibility of fanning it.

The procedure is extremely simple, but first we are going to offer you a map with the location of all the fires in Fortnite chapter 2, since they are elements that are now fixed on the map:

To fan a fire in Fortnite we must first light it. Turning it on is as easy as approaching the fire and pressing the interaction button. Once we have done this, and before it goes out, we have the possibility to fan it. To fan a fire we will be required to pay 30 units of wood. We can do this several times to increase the speed of healing.

If you let the fire go out completely, you can relive the fire again but you will be asked for 300 wooden units, which is already less profitable. If you had a piece of coal in the inventory, it will also allow you to fan the fire in this way.

Eliminations with a weapon taken from the camera

The announcement has no greater mystery and invites us to make five eliminations with a weapon taken from the camera . They are weapons that are rescued for the occasion, but will only be available for 24 hours.

Fortnite weapons

That means that depending on when you read this article or the day you decide to do the challenge, you will have a different weapon taken from the camera.

For example, during day 1 we had the double-barrel shotgun, and during day 2 the drum submachine gun, but these weapons are no longer available on day 3 which is when we have this challenge, and will change on day 4 , and so on.

Fortnite weapons

According to the latest leaks, these would be the rest of the weapons taken from the camera that will be available during the next few days:

  • Day 1: Double barrel shotgun
  • Day 2: drum submachine gun
  • Heavy sniper rifle
  • Wick gun
  • Stinky Bombs
  • Infantry rifle
  • Double guns
  • Tactical SMG
  • Impulse grenades
  • Drum shotgun
  • Explosive arch
  • Hand cannon
  • SMG Deleted
  • Boogie bomb

In this way you will have to confirm in the game’s own interface what the weapon is taken from the camera according to the day on which you make the challenge. Once this is clear, we advise you to go through Team Fight, and look for this weapon during the first minutes before the battle circle closes.

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