Probably the most popular mobile casino game in Spain is slot machines. This is because these games of chance have been in the Spanish market for decades, not only in the best physical casinos in Spain, but also in most bars and restaurants in each Spanish town. But since the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling regularized online gambling in 2012, online slots have experienced spectacular growth both in the number of titles available, and in the number of fans of this casino game.

There are many reasons that can explain the success of mobile slot machines in Spain. In betting forums, Spanish players usually comment on two that stand out above all: on the one hand the possibility of getting a grand prize for an investment of a few coins; and on the other hand the great variety of themes available in the Spanish market (movies, millenary cultures, television series, retro, fantasy, famous people, etc.). If we add to this the possibility of being able to play on iOS and Android devices thanks to the development of HTML5 technology, it is normal that more and more Spanish users besides having fun, want to get the most out of their favorite slot machines.

That’s why in  Casino Games we have prepared this 2019 Guide on how to make money in online slot machines in Spain, so you know how to get more profits in online slots and you can get extra money every day, week or month. You are ready? Then do not miss this useful information to win in the slots.

Tips To Win Online Slots Or Slots (2019 Guide)

Avoid Scams And Scams

Before you start thinking about how to win mobile online slots, you should prevent how to lose money with this game of chance. As casino mobile games are increasingly popular in Spain, there are also digital platforms of doubtful origin in which instead of making money there is a good chance that the opposite will happen.

This situation can be avoided by playing mobile online slots only in the best online casinos in Spain: those that are approved by the Directorate General for Game Management. This Spanish institution regulates online gambling since 2012 and only grants the corresponding licenses to casino operators that meet certain specific tax and security requirements.

By playing in an online casino licensed by the DGOJ, frauds and scams are avoided as these operators have high-end end-to-end encryption systems that protect users’ personal information and transactions (deposits and withdrawals). Possible problems with the Treasury are also avoided. That’s why from Casino Games we recommend that you preferably play your favorite slots on these legal websites.

Play For Free Before Placing Real Online Bets

Like everything in life, to succeed in mobile slot machines you need to practice a lot. It is true that the operation of the online slots uses a very simple system (just press the button to start spinning the reels), but only after many turns can you know if that slot meets the expectations of each player.

So you can practice mobile slot machines for free without having to use your own money, you can select an online casino with a free “Demo” Trial version. This version is the same as the original but instead of playing with real money, it is played with fictitious money. In this way you can play slot machines for free to learn more about their winning combinations, bonus games, free spins, wild card, Scatter, etc.

Only the best mobile online casinos in Spain offer a free “Demo” version on their websites. Remember that some operators will require you to first register as a new user to use this free version; while on other digital platforms you can play slots for free instantly without requiring any registration. Also, if you only want to play online slots for free for fun, this trial version will fit your needs.

Use Casino Bonuses And Promotions

In the Spanish market there are more than 30 betting web pages approved by the General Directorate of Game Management to operate legally in our country. This benefits Spanish players as users can take advantage of competition among so many operators.

In order to stand out from the rest each online casino tries to include a good variety of casino games (Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Poker, Baccarat, Videobingo, Videopoker, Scratch Cards and Win, etc.) with different titles and versions of suppliers of leading software in the market. At the same time it also improves its services such as the inclusion of a mobile application, the extension of its deposit and withdrawal methods and the improvement of its customer service.

Keep in mind that in order for online casinos to make a profit, they need to have as many users as possible registered. How do you get this? With attractive offers that offer additional benefits and are called Casino Bonuses and Bonuses. Here are the best promotions to make money on slot machines:

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